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At TôleTech Outaouais, we innovate with a 10 ‘CNC (computer controlled) bending machine (on request up to 21’) without a joint and a steel capacity up to 16 ga thick. Also available for aluminum, copper, stainless, steel, etc.

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Here’s what you need for bending your aluminum, copper, stainless steel and more!

Trims for roofing

Universal ridge caps

FTU (Unic ridge cap)

EFTU (Unic cap)

FT-6, FT-8 and FT-12


FT-125 and FT-124

Notched ridge caps


Vented ridge caps


FDV (Vented dome)

EFV (Endcap for vented ridge cap)

Universal hip caps

A-145 (Hip)

FIC-245 (Finishing)

FIM-345 (Finishing)

FIC-345 (Finishing)

Notched hip caps and finishing strips

ARE (Notched Hip)

FIE (Notched Finishing)

Roof flashing

S-04, S-425 and S-450

S-04B and S-425B

2567 (Aluminium)

Universal valley

NA-6-9-12-18 (TYPE A)

NB-8-11-17 (TYPE B)

NC-4-7-13 (TYPE C)

ND-4-7 (TYPE D)

Trims for siding

Standard trims

705, 805 and 1505 (J molding)

702, 802 and 1502 (J molding)

709 and 1509 (Starter)

609, 708 and 1508 (Starter)

703 and 1503 (Drip)

710 and 1510 (Drip)

716 and 1516 (Drip)

713, 813 and 1513 (Anti-intrusion)

Corner trims

700, 800 and 1500 (Exterior corner)

717 and 1517 (Exterior corner)

745 and 845 (Exterior corner at 45º)

714 and 814 (Interior corner)

724 and 1524 (Interior corner)

706, 806 and 1506 (Interior corner)

707, 807 and 1507 (Conversion)

712, 812 and 1512 (Conversion)

704, 804 and 1504 (Partition)

611, 711, 811, 651, 751 and 851 (Soffit and wall joint)

Trims for l’Ancestral

Ridge caps

FT-6, FT-8 and FT-12

FA-5, FA-7 and FA-11


FTB-4 and FTB-6



FTU (Unic ridge cap)

EFTU (Unic end cap)

Starter strips and flashing

DPR (Gable starter Roger)

DP (Gable starter)

DPP (Flat gable starter)

DL (Lateral starter)

DTA-212 and DTA-412 (Roof drip)

DTA-512 (Roof drip)

DT-1212 (Roof drip)


Roof accessory

Ancestral end cap

Finishing flashing

FI (Finishing molding)

FIB (Low finishing molding)

Clips and fasteners

AE (Notching clamp)

JFA (Ridge cap J for clampling)

AP (Gable clamp)

AF (Fascia clamp)

AL (Lateral clamp)

Trims for Toscan

Universal ridge caps

FTU-TOS (Unic ridge cap)

EFTU-TOS (Unic end cap)

Standard trims




F-TOSR (Finishing)

FIM-345 (Finishing)

A-145 (Hip)

J-TOSR (J molding)

Trims for Distinction

JDIS (J molding)

PDIS (Partition)

DDIS (Galvanized starter)

CDIS (Conversion)

CEDIS (Exterior corner)

EDIS (Drip)

CIDIS (Interior corner)

Flat steel

Flat steel in sheets

Prefinished, galvanized, or Galvalume Plus

Dimensions :

  • 36’’ x 120’’ (28 ga)
  • 48’’ x 120’’ (26 ga and 24 ga)
  • 48’’ x 96’’ (26 ga and 24 ga)
  • Also available in 22 ga

*Please inquire for availability of colours and thicknesses.

Flat sheet in rolls

Prefinished, Galvanized or Galvalume Plus

Dimensions :

  • 36’’ x 50’ (28 ga)
  • 24’’ x 75’ (26 ga)

*Please inquire for availability of colours and thicknesses.

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